Extraordinary School of Ministry

Our vision and purpose are to bring people into God’s family, develop them into Christian maturity and equip them for work within the kingdom of God. We are so very excited and proud to be able to present Extraordinary School of Ministry.

Students who complete all four years of Extraordinary School of Ministry will receive a bachelor degree in theology. This course of study is uniquely designed to fit with real life, only one night per week! The Word-based curriculum systematically takes believers from basics of their faith into maturity through solid principles and doctrines.

May God’s grace empower, direct and strengthen you on this journey as it has on ours. We are confident that you will reach your full potential in Christ and become a leader of leaders as you commit to discovering God’s plan and destiny for you through Extraordinary School of Ministry.

For more information, download the School of Ministry brochure.


Year 1-Diploma
-Biblical Leadership
-Church History
-Life & Teachings of Christ
-New Testament Survey
-Old Testament I
-Principles of Faith
-The Triune God
-You and Your Bible
2nd Year-Associate
-Blood Covenant
-Book of Acts
-Ministry Gifts & Government
-Old Testament II
-Principles of Prayer
-Spiritual Gifts
3rd Year-Advanced
-1st Corinthians
-2nd Corinthians
-Christian Ethics
-Ministry of Helps
-The Authority of the Believer
-Understanding People
4th Year-Bachelor
-Christian Counseling I & II
-Evangelism Today
-Modern Cults & Religions
-The Anointing
-Theology Survey I & II
-Understanding Teaching

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